Top 3 Reasons Programmatic Advertising Should Be in Your Budget This Coming Year

The upcoming year could be the time when your company finally breaks out and becomes a true industry leader. One of the resources that can make that happen is the practical use of programmatic advertising. While you’ve heard the term, do you know what this approach can accomplish? Here are three examples of what this advertising strategy can do to take your business to a brand new level.

Excellent Targeting Tool

One of the most important keys to online marketing success is knowing where your customers are most likely to go. That means being aware of which social media sites they tend to frequent as well as what they tend to search for online. While you may not be aware of all the places they go, you can learn more thanks to how programmatic advertising works.

This approach allows you to measure results in real time. It’s possible to quickly determine that people interested in what you sell tend to migrate to a certain social media site, that they love to watch videos, and that they tend to share specific interests with others who buy your products. That information allows you to develop a more targeted approach to reaching consumers and enjoying a greater response to your ads.

Works Great for Mobile Advertising Too

Did you know that the number of consumers who rely heavily on making a purchase via smartphones continues to grow? While laptops, desktop computers, and tablets are not going away, the need to invest in advertising geared for a mobile device is crucial. Make sure your ads will display easily on smartphone screens and that they include elements that attract the consumers who are likely to buy your products.

You’ll find that programmatic marketing works just as well with mobile advertising as it does with general Internet-based advertising. Along with deploying ads that display properly on those smaller screens, a programmatic advertising approach helps identify the mobile sites best suited for reaching your target audience. The fact that so much of the process is automated and does not require constant manual intervention makes it an even better choice for your business advertising.

A Cost and Time Efficient Approach to Advertising

Ask any advertising professional about what it takes to mount a successful campaign and you will hear quite a bit about ad design, consumer demographics, and ad placement. Programmatic advertising does wonders for making sure the ads are placed strategically. As long as you come up with advertising that captures the eyes of your target audience and gives them a reason to watch your video, there is a better chance they will click to your site and place an order. Thanks to the way that you can set up the marketing, there is a constant flow of information that can be used to set parameters for cost and location. That allows you to quickly switch your ads from sites that don’t produce results and direct them to sites where your audience is more likely to be found. The real-time information and automated changes to ad placement will save a lot of time and money.

Before this year is over, contact a professional and learn more about what the right AcuityAds programmatic marketing platform can do for your business. While this year was good, implementing this approach will make next year even better.

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