Top Holiday Marketing Landing Pages

An out of date landing page is never a good idea if people land on it and it looks out of date, that’s going to raise some red flags and they may have a harder time trusting your offer.

That doesn’t necessarily mean modern design styles work better, you’ll have to test and see what works best, but we’re not talking about the design itself anyways.

For example, if your landing page has a reference to an iPhone 5 and we’re already at 8 and beyond, or something else that clearly “dates” it to a period of time that has passed, people will wonder if your offer is even still active.

The opposite is true, too, and you can take advantage of that during the holidays in some huge ways. If someone lands on your website during the holiday season, for example, and they see the holidays acknowledged, they’ll know you’re up to date and it can build massive trust.

We’re going to be taking a look at a few excellent holiday landing pages that you can use for inspiration, along with highlighting what makes them stand out.


Honey is a browser add-on that has been getting a lot of buzz lately due to clever marketing. Their plug-in is very, very relevant to holiday shopping. As your shopping, Honey finds you coupon codes that can be applies when you check out, to ensure you’re always getting the best discounts on your orders without having to dig through outdated and difficult to use coupon sites, avoiding the frustration of having to try ten different coupons that don’t even work, while being bombarded with pop-ups and other ads.

They have a landing page that shows that someone saved $50 on a pair of Beats headphones, a very popular gift this time of year, and when you scroll down they demonstrate a lot of different gifts that people have saved money on. It’s a very clean and simple landing page that gets the point across for holiday shoppers.


This is a marketplace offering tons of different products that make excellent gifts, and they take advantage of the holiday season by curating some excellent lists of gifts. From stocking stuffers, specialty foods, last minute gift ideas – it’s all sorted into a convenient category for you to browse.

Unlike Honey, who promote various products in the context of being able to save money on them wherever you buy them from, SpendIndie actually operates a shopping cart on their site so that you can get your gifts right there.

If you have a shop online and aren’t taking advantage of the holidays, at least by mentioning them and curating some lists of gift ideas, you could be really missing out on one of the busiest seasons for shoppers.


This one is a little different. This is a website where people can rate and review different online casinos, and the site also helps to resolve conflicts between players and online casinos. They have built up a ton of trust in the industry by acting as an advocate for the players, while also working closely with the casinos to resolve any disputes. As such, their recommendations are very trusted and carry a lot of weight.

For the holidays, they’ve put together a list of all of the best offers that casinos currently have, from free plays, to deposit bonuses, and more. It’s like a gift to their readers! Not only that, but it has some fun styling too, to make it more engaging. Notice how the snowflakes fall based on where your mouse cursor is? Did you take a moment to play with that a bit? Those little things can make a difference, if someone stays on the site a bit longer, they’re more likely to find an enticing offer from the list.

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