Top Innovations in the Automobile Industry People will Use Soon

Technologies are developing in such a pace that sometimes people cannot keep up with them. Only recently, it has become a trend to change diesel and petrol cars with hybrid or electric ones. The ideas which were considered too futuristic or crazy are now successfully implemented and introduced to the mass market.

Of course, human relations are still in the center. Sadly that sometimes technologies replace interaction between people. Though in most cases, they are used to facilitate life and remove possible obstacles. The Internet, for instance, is not only the source of the boundless amount of information. It is used for communication, for instance, checking the best adult dating site reviewer, one may find a partner for life.

In the field of automobiles, innovations are aimed at improvement of life quality along with the optimization of expenses and resources.

Ground-Breaking Innovations Appearing in 2019

  • Coffee made by Nissan. The concept foresees that the battery of the electric car is charged from home, while Leaf supplies electricity for a house. This car-house system is about to appear this year enabling users to save money on electricity bills.
  • Car entertainment system by Harman. The division of Samsung has developed the system which will synchronize with calendar, analyze routes and biometric data so that to switch on the music and environment needed in a particular moment.
  • Accessible Olli is a self-propelled bus composed of two casings manufactured by means of a 3D printer from carbon fiber on a chassis. This vehicle can reach a speed of 25 mph. Its designation is to transport handicapped people, and it is the cheapest vehicle for this purpose.

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  • Pilotless pizza delivery from Ford. The company has already shown the version of a driverless car delivering pizza in Michigan state. For the customers to receive their order, it is necessary to enter a unique code so that the hatch with pizza opens.
  • Driverless truck TuSimple designed by the Chinese company, i.e. Peterbilt. The main intention is to create the net of autonomous trucks delivering orders and freights requiring no human labor who need to have rest, may get distracted or ill.

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  • Projective holographic display with extended reality by the Swiss company WayRay. The system is able to project an extended reality on the car windshield is very close to its implementation. “Smart glass” will contain essential information on speed limits, directions, etc, thus, creating a virtual display. Besides, in cooperation with outside developers, the company plans to add information about the nearest restaurant or gas station.

Pilotless vehicles are very close to penetrating the market. It will be a breakthrough, especially for the handicapped people. The navigation systems become smarter and may interact with drivers. In additions, vehicles will soon get the capability of real-time connection due to 5G technology. Quite soon, cars will become safer, more optimized, and cost-efficient. Moreover, people will have the possibility to experience the comfort and satisfaction provided by these futuristic innovations and developments.

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