Why Should You Use A WordPress Blog For Your Online School Projects?

The number of schools, especially colleges, offering practical homework is quickly growing.  Education quickly figured out the fact that students learn more from practice than just from theory. We have internship programs that are now available for students and so many other opportunities that appear in education.

One of the really common homework that is now a reality is simply creating something online. Students are required to create YouTube clips, a blog or something similar. There is always some sort of assignment and the truth is that creating a blog with the use of WordPress is definitely going to make everything really simple. Here is why!

Launching The Blog/Site

Based on the options that you choose, a WordPress site can be launched in just around a few minutes. This is because of how user-friendly the platform is. What you should do is Google for tutorials about how to launch a WordPress site. You will quickly figure out how easy it is to get things done just as you want and launching your project in just one day.

Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages associated with using WordPress is the fact that you can easily customize every single aspect of the site you will create. This means it is basically very easy to meet the requirements of the teachers. You really want this to happen and the truth is there are not many platforms available on the internet that will allow such flexibility. Customizing a WordPress blog is something that is very simple and there are literally thousands of articles that talk about the subject on the internet.

On the whole, flexibility is very high but we should highlight the fact that when you use a WordPress.com game it will not be that easy to customize some parts of the design. However, most of the projects will focus on the content you offer instead of the design of what you launch online so WordPress is normally more than suitable. For instance, Instagram is a great tool for many users around the world. You can incorporate even that in your WordPress design.


Launching a regular website will automatically imply that you need to invest in various different things. That can easily increase costs and we are referring to work that is done by a student. Budgets are obviously limited. With WordPress you can even launch a website with a zero dollars investment. That is something you will appreciate. If you have a few dollars available to create the project all you need to do is to buy a small hosting package and a domain name. The result is something that seems to be so much more expensive than what some may think.


As you can so easily notice, there are obvious advantages why you should seriously consider using WordPress for school projects. In fact, in many colleges from around the world we see the CMS system is actually recommended by the teachers. Be sure that you read project guidelines. Not all the school projects will be done with the use of the CMS open source system.

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