Why Your Business Needs an App

There are many compelling reasons why your business needs an app. Our guide will help inspire you before you engage a digital agency that specialises in web design in Nottingham.

Why Your Business Needs an App

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Round-the-Clock Visibility

Figures suggest that the average US digital user now spends over two hours daily on a mobile device. Even if that time is typically spent on a few key apps – primarily social media, for example – other business apps have the chance to be seen every time the user swipes to access their apps screen. The human brain records every text, icon or image it sees on a subconscious but powerful level.

Direct Marketing

The beauty of apps is that they can provide a multitude of functions. For example, your business app might exist to provide information, a search tool, a news feed, a purchasing function, a messaging ability or booking forms. This gives you the ability to give your customers the information that you want them to see in a direct accessible way.

Customer Value

Many brands with loyalty schemes are now digitising old cards and making rewards collectible – and spendable – on their phones. This results in more app downloads and more engaged customers. There are even programs to help you create loyalty programs that are delivered by smartphones, such as PunchMe. When you speak to Nottingham web designers Web Fuel, you will find that they can advise on the strategic potential of your business app.

Brand Building

Apps can really help to build brands by being well designed and structured, being on-brand in their appearance and generally providing an experience that the customer will love. The more the end user engages with the app, they more likely they will be to purchase your offer.

Better Engagement

Apps are a powerful means of building user engagement, especially when they contain a messaging function to allow the user and the brand to directly communicate. Modern marketing is complex and busy, with a multitude of channels vying for attention and diluting messages. An app gives a business a chance to have a meaningful and high-value interaction with a customer and engage their loyalty by keeping the user close to the business.

What are your plans for building a business app?

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