AI and Robotics – The positive effects of automation on manufacturing businesses

Tech advancements have been made regularly over the last few years, new trends appearing with a wide variety of ramifications. Robotics and AI have become a “hot” topic of discussion lately, more businesses understanding the importance of automation for growth and development.

As an entrepreneur working in the world of manufacturing, you might be currently contemplating on adopting automation practices. Before making any decisions here, resorting to robotic arms and other technologies of this sort, you should first be well-aware of the implications.

What can automation do for your company? Is it the right approach for your business? Because fully embracing AI and robots means making a large financial investment, you’ll need to assess the benefits promised from the start, in order to reach a reliable conclusion.

Here are the main positive effects of automation in the manufacturing industry:

Opening the doors to new career paths

People are discussing how robots could threaten people’s jobs, but in reality, things stand slightly different. While it’s true that some business activities can rely solely on robotics nowadays, humans no longer being required in some processes, the implementation of automation also brings new employment perspective.

Robots not only complement certain manufacturing jobs that have been around for a long time, but create entirely new positions as well. Despite common misbelief, a business that is using robots will have available more employment opportunities than one that isn’t using them.

Financial gains

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to assess the financial implications of automation. Adding robotics to your main business processes obviously demands an initial investment. The commercial robots you’ll need can be quite expensive, but it’s important to assess the long-term financial gains you will be able to obtain.

Robotics will help you accelerate your manufacturing processes, increase productivity and will allow you to bring more merchandise out on the market in a timelier manner. You will be able to keep up with customer demands, and produce the number of items you’ve been targeting, without having human errors delay production timeframe.

Automation will also contribute to the quality of your merchandise. When the products you are providing your customers will benefit from high-quality standards, you will become a more reliable choice for your target audience, and profits will naturally increase.

The budget you will spend on the automation of your business will bring you impressive returns. So, from a financial point of view, there is a high appeal revolving around the use of robots, this being one of the primary reasons so many businesses have started adopting this tech trends in the first place.

Safety upgrades

Depending on the specifics of your manufacturing activities, certain safety concerns could arise. In many cases, employees are subjected to risky environments or are required to handle dangerous substances and materials in order to complete manufacturing processes. With robots, you can keep your employees protected and leave hazardous settings and dangerous applications to be maneuvered by robots.

With limited liability concerns, you will no longer have to worry about accidents happening on company grounds. Workplace safety has become a primary consideration for job seekers, so by ensuring that, your company can attract better talent and offer current and future employees with the work conditions they are asking for.


Because robots are extremely precise, in comparison with human workers, production consistency will also be ensured once automation is pursued. Robots don’t go on vacation, aren’t subjected to medical emergencies, and the accuracy of their work isn’t influenced by external factors. Night an day, they will be able to perform the same actions, in a consistent manner, without dividing their attention to several other things, as a human employee normally would.

Enlarge customer base

Reduction in costs and schedule are two main advantages of automation. How will this benefit company success? By enlarging your base of customers. When you are able to fulfill customer requirements on time, and also provide them with appealing prices, earning their loyalty will be a natural outcome.

Robots have become known for providing the highest throughout, and the least amount of spending, factors that give businesses the chance to drive the interests of new clientele.  An automated business will always have a bigger customer base than a company that still handles manufacturing in an outdated manner.

Become price competitive

What differentiates two businesses that offer virtually the same product? Usually, the price. When the quality and characteristics of a said product are the same, customers will always choose the more affordable option. Being able to keep your prices competitive means reducing your manufacturing costs, and there’s no better way to do that than through automation.

Reduce waste

Considering the accuracy with which robots handle manufacturing processes, the amount of raw materials used will also be reduced. What this means is a significant reduction in waste as well. You will no longer be losing money due to wasted materials and the job of employees in charge of waste management will be simplified as well.

Catering for 21st century requirements

Let’s face it, people’s expectations have altered significantly over the last few years. It’s the 21st century, technology is more significant than ever, and people will expect their needs being covered in the most advantageous way. For products with a short shelf life, consumers are no longer willing to wait around as much time as they would in the past. Automation simply allows you to maintain a modern approach, and provide consumers with exactly what they are expecting during these technologically-dominated times.

Automation has had quite the impact on various industries in recent years, and more businesses are embracing the trend, resorting to AI and robotics to perfect their processes and reach optimal productivity levels. As you can see, your manufacturing business could easily reach a major upgrade as soon as you implement artificial intelligence and adopt the use of robots. While there might still exist a bit of controversy around the subject of automation, things are presumed to advance even further in the years to come, and robotics and automation are here to stay.

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