How to Create a Landing Page That Builds Trust

43Are you worried about the high bounce rate of your landing pages? Well, there can be a wide range of reasons behind your landing page’s low conversion rate. Companies create landing pages because they want more conversions. And when it’s about converting your target audience, you really need to do extensive research to produce designs that instantly ‘hook’ the audience and content that compels them to complete a desired action.
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How to Create a WordPress Plugin

plgWordPress plugins are easy to create even if you’re a newbie in internet and barely know how to work with php. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can create a simple wordpress plugin, that shows wisdom quotes on the top of your blog. This is very basic tutorial for creating plugin, what shown in this theme can be achieved by other means, but we’re making this as a plugin for a simplicity in learning.Continue reading →

Where to Get Free CSS Templates

These days we don’t have to do everything by ourselves. When it comes to build a website, create HTML structure and decorate the web layout, there are free templates we can use. Yes I guess the simplest way to build a website is to download free templates and customized it as you like. For beginners who just know a little bit of HTML and or CSS or less, that will definitely help. One of the first steps to earn money via internet would be to build a website.Continue reading →

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Reviews

If you want to turn your WordPress blog into a store, the easiest way to do so is to add a shopping cart plugin. But be forewarned, though, they’re not all created equal! Branching out from just having a blog into e-commerce can be daunting — it certainly was for me — so I thought a shopping cart software comparison would be helpful for others who are considering going down that path.aqContinue reading →

How to Build a Web Site

Why build a web site?

Building a web site can be pretty easy nowadays. Depending on what you want to do, you can set a goal for your web site, build it and traffic will come. However, getting your feet off the ground can be difficult. You have seen a plethora of web sites on the Internet ranging from boring, trendy to popular. How do you know where to begin? When you do not know where to start, finding the motivation to design a web site can be hard.


Credit- Web design Tips

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