The Best Premium Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme For 2015


Perhaps you’ve already chosen a good looking template, and are set on purchasing it. But before doing so, it may be helpful to visit my review here and read what other users are saying about it. Does it come highly recommended? If there are a lot of negative remarks about it, it may be time to reconsider your options.

So many people want to make money on line, and most of them have no idea where to start. Indeed, there are many different approaches to bringing home the online bacon, and blogging is only one of them, but it is the one we will focus on here. Know in advance that having the best blogging theme for you, will make life much easier, but we will get to that.

If you are just starting out on this path, and you want to know how to get started, open a new browser window and head over to Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

WordPress is the most widely used, self-hosted blogging platform out there today. Self-hosted means before you use the software, you must purchase a domain name. This is easy to do and very cheap, so we won’t be focusing on that here today. What we are going to look at is what is, in my opinion, the best premium WordPress them out there.

Getting The Theme Right

The number of WordPress themes have sprung up tremendously over the past few years. While the end users are the biggest beneficiary of the trend, it is getting harder to choose the right WordPress themes that are of good quality.

When users download a theme, more often than not, they have no idea what is in store for them. Most of the time, the only judgment they make in choosing a WP theme is by the sheer appearance of it. Whether the theme performs or not will only come to light beyond the installation.

It would save you a lot of time and effort if you know what to look for in a best WordPress theme. Do yourself a favor by considering these 3 things when choosing your best themes: theme layout and design, theme coding, designers’ skill and reputation.


Why premium WordPress themes?

There are a lot of free WordPress themes in the web, so why use premium WordPress themes? Since a lot of new bloggers may be asking this very same question, let’s try to see the wisdom of choosing premium WordPress themes over the free themes, shall we?One of the first challenges every blogger make after installing WordPress is finding the right theme that would perfectly blend with his or her topic. If you think this task is easy, well, you’re in for quite a big surprise!

There are hundreds of websites offering free and paid themes alike that it may take you quite some time to find the perfect one for you. That is, if you ever get that lucky! Don’t get me wrong, okay?  I’m not saying that free WordPress themes are not good enough. There are good ones out there ñ no doubts about that. Due to the stiff competition, all talented web designers are consistently coming up with new themes. But let’s face it, free WordPress themes can be a bit limited in terms of their features, functionality and ease of use.However, paying a web designer for a custom made theme can be a very expensive alternative. So, if you’re just starting out and have a pretty limited budget, choosing this option is clearly out of the question.

And this is where premium WordPress themes come in. These outstanding themes combine the best of free themes with those of custom made ones!

Here are 7 good reasons why you’ll definitely fall in love with premium WordPress themes:

– Premium WordPress themes have an unbeatable quality. There are no questions about it. Premium WordPress themes rock! They have an unbeatable quality and a polished, professional look about them. And this is the first and most important reason in choosing premium WordPress themes.

-Another thing that makes these templates so great is that their developers are constantly acting on the feedback they receive from the people who purchased their templates. They are constantly improving on their templates ñ fixing bugs and adding features requested by those who purchased them, among others.

– They are easier to use and customize. Premium WordPress templates are user-friendly and you can just as easily make changes to suit your preferences.

– They offer special features and functionality. There is a tight competition out there, and this prompts developers to include special features and functionality in their premium templates. Most of these features make the user’s life easier by taking care of difficult and time-consuming tasks.

– There are a lot of designs to choose from. With premium WordPress themes, you’ll never run out of choices! So, whether you want a template that is highly search engine optimized, an Ads-customized template or one that is focused on CMS, you’ll have a lot to choose from.

– You get unbeatable support from the theme’s developer. This is one feature of premium WordPress themes that is simply amazing! So, no matter how many upgrades WordPress take on in the future, you can be sure that your template will work out just fine. Bet you can’t say the same for free WordPress templates.

– They are much more affordable as compared to custom made themes. Yep, they are! You can have your premium WordPress themes for just a fraction of what it would cost you if you are to have a custom designed template. And this is good news ñ especially for those who are just starting out and have quite a limited budget.

There are a lot of other reasons why you absolutely have to choose premium WordPress themes over the free ones  no matter how great they may look at first glance. But these are the main points to consider.

Now that you know why choosing premium WordPress themes can work to your advantage, you should know what to do before actually making a purchase. After all, you need to protect your investment. Here are some tips that may help you.

What makes a theme worthy of being considered the best premium WP theme?

Know what you want. This is key to making your final decision and check these common properties when you will order a premium theme –

Design Properties for Premium Theme –

Designer  supports

Post area flexibility : Proper Image Alignment
Floating Content
Auto Adjustment
Nested/Threaded Comments

Body : Sidebar flexibility – Auto Adjustment

Other Special Effects : Responsive , Customizer, Stacks, Experts

SEO Properties for Premium theme:

Content Code Position
Post and Page Heading
W3C Compliant
Homepage Heading
Post and Page Title Tag

X Theme –The Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Have To Buy

X Theme – The Ultimate Theme of WordPress

It’s called the X Theme & the ultimate worpress theme of 2015 by combining all the elements of responsive premium design & easy functionality that enables you to create unlimited blogs or websites using the main core theme. Introduced 2014, theme is one of the best selling theme in Themeforest marketplace with lots of users feedback and positive ratings by professional online marketers. The banner of the theme is –

The shiny new X Theme WordPress theme created by Themeforest  available at: Theme forest is being hailed as the best theme ever for blogs and websites for both professional and personal use. The aim of this post is to tell you why exactly this is the case, providing the demo video right from the creators along with an explanation of the key features which I feel make this theme a cut above the rest. Then concluding with information you need to obtain and install the theme should you wish to use it for your website or blog.


One of the feature  is known as Stacks.

Stack is an option that you can chose and call 4 different design styles.

Each of the X  Stacks comes with infinite layout options & lots of other features there give the users an amazing ability to customize their X theme with own imagination.

It has  four main stacks now:





Monetize & Integration

WooCommerce options allows you to integrate your e commerce  and Affiliate programmes or Amazon Associates automatically with ease, simply by providing your details. This is ideal for blogging beginners but also stress relief for the pro’s.

Customization –

The Customizer package provides over 160 niche headers that can be easily selected (see video) and changed at any time. You are also able to edit color, styling and background choices to produce 1000’s of unique designs meaning this could be the last theme you will ever need!



Amazing user experience  forefront play options of its priorities., all elements transforms into visual front blocks, that allowing users to edit the structure of the page without any knowledge of code. The most flexible theme that gives elegant themes a new dimension and look and they should be proud for it.  It is a new road mark in theme design and change the way you build websites forever.

– Builder allows you to create and manage beautiful & unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of
-Lots of pre-made layouts that allows to quickly jump-start theme development.

– 100% responsive and all building block will match to visitor’s screen and creating the most intuitive browsing experience.

Other notable features

X Theme comes in the theme market with lots of unique features that allow it to go beyond just looking cool and different . He


What Makes It Better?

The developers provide Search Engine Optimization tutorial videos providing guidance on how to boost search engine page ranking. They also give plugin suggestions that can be employed to ‘turbo-charge’ the optimization of ANY theme.


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