How to Setup Codeigniter on Xampp and Uniform Server


Learn How to Setup Codeigniter with Xampp and Uniform Server. Codeigniter is one of the popular PHP framework that is suitable for many new php programmers. Codeigniter is lightweight and is relatively easy to understand php framework compared to cakephp and other frameworks. In this tutorial, we will setup codeigniter and get things running with XAMPP and Uniform server. I am explaining codeigniter setup using both of these web servers just so that if anyone wants to use one of these will find it easy to setup.Continue reading →

How To Create An External Style Sheet


Cascaded style sheets are the means by which web developers model the web page. They can be placed within page or added via external link. There are pros and cons of using internal and external style-sheets. Depending on your needs for web page development, it is upto you how to use external css in html and to choose a way to add style-sheet on your web page.
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Photo File Types For Beginners


Just a few of the file extensions for various, popular image file types the world of Internet and graphic artists use today. For someone just entering into this mysterious world of strange letters (with equally strange pronunciations) the path can seem hazardous and wrought with more than average opportunities to choose the wrong fork, getting lost in the forest of bad image format choices.Continue reading →

Don’t Get the Wrong WordPress Theme for your Business Website


How to buy the best WordPress theme for your small business firm

The saying “you get what you pay for” usually applies to WordPress themes.  There are some especially great free themes available, more often than not retired former premium themes.  In my experience, the support and ease-of-use that comes with the comparatively inexpensive premium WordPress themes is fully worth the expense.Continue reading →

Old but Still The Best List Of WordPress Themes

Best wordpress themes today are the top growing need around the world. Almost every individual having their own website today and most of them are hosting wordpress blogs on them. And every day there are many new domains are being registered and in most of those websites wordpress is being installed as content management system(CMS). With this the need for best wordpress themes has grown and many wordpress theme developers are releasing thousands of new themes every day. Many new developers also are entering in to this sector and developing many new top wordpress themes more competitively to emerge in the most competitive wordpress themes market.Continue reading →

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins


A wordpress blog should always have search engine optimization(SEO) plugins to be ranked top on the search engine ranks. Well out of millions of blogs if your content has to be reached to most of the internet users it is very hard with out optimizing your blog posts to the search engines. As you may be knowing that more than half the traffic for most of the websites will come through web searches only. If your blog is not search engine optimized you will definitely have to loose much of the traffic from search engines.Continue reading →