2015: What gadgets Have We Got to Look Forward To?

Gadgets have become a major part of our daily lives, whether we’re using them in the home, for entertainment or at work. Companies are constantly developing new products with innovative features that are designed to appeal to our increasing love of technology. If you’re always searching for the next new gadget, here are some of the top products that you have to look forward to this year.

What gadgets Have We Got to Look Forward To

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The Bluetooth Keyboard

We now have a range of mobile and computer devices in our homes or offices, and many people want to interact with more than one at a time. Data published in the Salesforce 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report shows that 41% of people use both their smartphone and tablet at the same time a minimum of once per day. Logitech has provided a solution with the release of the K480 Bluetooth keyboard, which can be used on three different devices. This enables you to switch from a smartphone to tablet or desktop instantly.

Speedy SSD

The G-DRIVE ev SSD is a high-powered solid state drive which comes equipped with a USB connection and up to 400MB/s transfer rate. This machine will work with Windows Vista, 7 and 8, as well as Mac OS 10.6.

The Smartpen

Whether you’re involved in software testing or other occupations, there are times when you require the ability to record notes whilst you’re writing. This is now achievable with the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. It enables you to save your information to an iPhone, iPad or PC using the micro-USB connection, which will also recharge the pen. Depending on the specific model, you can store up to 800 hours on one pen.

Portable music

With the SyrenPro you can listen to your music wirelessly wherever you are. The Bluetooth speakers are weather-resistant and work on both mains and battery power.  http://sigatransformers.co.uk/custom-transformers/ are a toroidal transformer manufacturer who use these parts to increase sound quality.

iPad Scanner

Thanks to the increased use of mobile devices and social networking sites, sharing photos has become a global phenomenon. According to the 2014 Internet Trends report, 1.8 billion photos are now uploaded and shared each day across the world. This is now even easier with the Photo iPad Scanning Dock, which enables you to scan your photos straight to your iPad. The docking system keeps the iPad in position and charges it while in use.

The Power of Presentations

Companies are always making presentations on a range of topics and in a number of locations. It might be a presentation about software testing by Bugfinders, for example. The NEC VE281 is a mobile projector which can be used where a compact but high-performance unit is required. The machine is lightweight, 3D-ready and is equipped with high-quality speakers.

Portable Speakers

With the WOWee One Slim users can attach the speaker to their mobile, tablet or PC wherever they are. This portable speaker is compact but produces a clear sound, and the rechargeable battery provides a maximum of 10 hours use on one charge.

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The 3 Most Imperative Parts Of A Profitable Ecommerce Store

Profitable Ecommerce Store

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The Advantages Of NoSQL Data Models

NoSQL Data Models

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The Importance Of Customer Service For Online Businesses

Customer Service For Online Businesses

Text SMS marketing has brought about phenomenal results for all types and sizes of businesses trying to make their way to the top of the masses of competition. The idea of contacting a target customer on the device that they are never without is as up close and personal as it gets in the world of marketing. You send them messages about special offers or introduce new products you are offering on a trial basis and they respond instantly using the same mobile device. As easy as text SMS marketing has made it for businesses to interact with their customers, it is important that offering exceptional customer service is an integral part of your marketing platform.

Beyond the Foot-In-The-Door

Many cartoons were made in the past that depicted door-to-door salesmen getting his foot in the door to prevent having it slammed in his face by an uninterested housewife. Salesmen were pushy, dishonest, and willing to do whatever it took to get the potential customer’s attention long enough to convince them they couldn’t live without their product. Once the product was bought and the salesman had gone on his way, the woman was left with a product that she would soon realize she really didn’t want or need. Visit http://ish-world.org/ to know more.

Customer Service For Online Businesses

When people opt-in to your business, it is the proverbial “foot-in-the-door” of text SMS marketing. It is your opportunity to show them the products that you have to offer and convince them how valuable a purchase would be. The difference in how sales take place today is that successfully making a sale and then getting out is a sure path to failure. Customer loyalty and repeat business are basic necessities to a business that is competing with hundreds, or thousands, of other businesses with the same type of products they have. For many, the thing that sets their brand apart is the service that goes along with the sale.

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Sell like You Buy

Texting someone’s cell phone is a personal act that allows you to interact with them on a one-to-one basis. When you develop a text SMS marketing platform for your business, keep the personal aspect in mind. Think about what matters to you when you purchase a product or service and what makes you choose one brand over another. Most of us care about getting a quality product, good value, and great customer service. The latter is the one that can make the difference when the first two are the same across the board.

Keep It Personal

Text SMS marketing is the perfect platform for providing your customers with personal customer service that will boost customer loyalty and drive repeat business. Give them special offers that are only available through SMS and encourage them to leave feedback about their experience in doing business with your company. Let them know that they matter and you care what they have to say. Otherwise, you will never get your foot back in the door again! Visit http://phase-2.org/ to know more like this content.