The Future Of The Digital Key

Technology is ever changing and having a rusted old key to enter your home is almost a thing of the past. With the development of the Digital Smart Key comes the ability to unlock and lock your home or office from anywhere around the globe. Digital Key’s gatekeeper service enables the user to remotely gain access at the click of a button.Continue reading →

Maintaining Your Computer

The modern computer system has become an integral part of our lives in today’s day and age. Computers have come to take over all the menial tasks that would otherwise take us obscene amounts of time to complete, such as doing calculations, taxes, and much more. They have also ushered us into a new age of entertainment, whether it’s playing your favourite computer games or watching the latest series; computers can do it all.Continue reading →

Things to consider when developing a website

Starting a business? Well done! Apart from conquering the initial setbacks such as seed funding, accounting systems, licenses, permits and everything else, there are more crucial steps to be taken to establish your business. Developing a website is one of those.

The first step in developing a website would be choosing a web address that is apt for your company. There are several pointers to be kept in mind, of which the foremost are – keep it simple, small, striking and something that is easy to remember. This is to primarily ensure that it’s a web address that people can easily remember on a whim. Selecting the domain name extension .com is most advised, because users generally assume any web address to end so. But if your target audience is restricted to a local area, other extensions like .de for the German market,,, .org, etc. can also be used.

Usages of keywords while adding the name of your business can prove to be extremely helpful from an SEO perspective. It can help you reach out to a greater audience, but yes, the keyword usage in your website content, the metadata and its optimization also take credence here. It is also advised to avoid the usage of numbers, hyphens and other characters in your web address, or the usage of uncommon spellings for the typical terms. All these may hamper your users from memorizing your website address effectively.

But first and foremost, do not wait to act! Domain names sell like hot cakes. Once you decide on the perfect web address for your company, make the purchase. Don’t let anyone keep your business from taking that first step in creating a significant entry into the online world!

Minds Metricks’s team of Dubai web designers are expert in the field of web design. Their consultants help you with every step of the process from booking a domain to launching your website with you taking a back seat.

Craft an online persona that earns you respect

With the development of Internet communication and social media, the traditional notion of identity has disappeared. At present, people have online identities in the virtual world of the Internet. If you are like everyone else, then so do you. When you are online, you cannot hide. Everything you do is in plain sight. The people and nations of the world are connected via technology, so you have to pay close attention to what you are doing.Continue reading →

8 Key Magento 2 Data Migration Issues & Their Solution

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is less of an option and more of a necessity for the store owners. There were a few flaws in the Magento 1.0 which is now improved in the new Magento 2.0 version. Magento 2 migration can take a great deal of time and you can also face some issues since this procedure is extremely unpredictable and incorporate several customizations.

Here, in this blog I am listing down the issues that I have faced during Magento 2 migration.

Adding Grouped type product to cart

We faced this issue after we successfully completed the data migration to Magento 2.  During the testing phase, we tried adding Grouped type product to cart and we found that it was only getting added to the shopping cart but the product details were absent.

The solution which we founded for this issue was that we developed a custom module which basically used to override the shopping cart action and displayed the added product in the cart.

Checkout button in Minicart was not working after data migration

The checkout in Magento 2 is now driven with JavaScript and KnockoutJS. As a result, now you can see improvement inMagento 2 checkout. The Magento 2 checkout has improved general flow now and is visually more appealing for the visitors too.

The issue which I faced here was that after data migration the checkout button in Minicart was not working. I was not able to click on the checkout button and as a result, I was not able to proceed to checkout. Although, I was able to click the checkout button on the shopping cart page.

The solution we founded on this issue was by creating a custom module which will override the cart action to make the checkout button clickable.

Unable to edit products from Admin after data migration

Admin can add/delete products updated by the sellers. When we migrated to Magento 2 we found that we were unable to edit products from Admin.

The solution for this was that we developed a custom module to override the configurable price.

Category URLs were not SEO friendly

The URLs you assign to products and categories play a major role in search engine optimization.Magento’s rewrite functionality creates URLs for categories while saving them. Thishas caused me countless issues over the last few years, primarily from an SEO perspective.

In order to resolve this issue, we:

  • Rewrite entry against the previous URL
  • Developed a custom script to generate SEO friendly URLs.

Admin unable to create invoice for Orders

You need to create the invoice for an order as a record of the receipt of the payment. Invoice is somewhat a completed order page created when a temporary sales order is confirmed or when cancelled. Admin generally generates an invoice with a packing slip and shipping labels. Multiple invoices can be made for a solitary request, and each can incorporate the same number of or as few of the obtained items that you indicate. The problem which I faced was that Admin was unable to create an invoice for orders.

After doing lots of research, I found that the tables responsible for Invoice creation is creating this issue. After adding the appropriate column to the table, I was able to create invoice for orders from admin panel.

Unable to edit/update categories

The category can be edited/updated or moved to another position from the catalog. In case of live inventory, you ought to consider how the change may affect any current links to items in the category.

After migrating to Magento 2, we found that editing any category from Admin was showing error. On exploring I found that the values of custom category attribute are missing that is why it was throwing an exception.

This issue was fixed by creating a custom module to override the ReadHandler.php Model class

Unable to edit/update catalog products

We were receiving the following error when we tried to add new products in the catalog after migrating to Magento 2.

‘Class Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Attribute\Backend\Media does not exist’

The above error was coming because Product Attribute media_gallary back-end resource model class is missing in Magento 2.

To make it work we developed a script which fixes media_gallary attribute’s back-end resource type.

Unable to place an order from sub stores

Since the time we migrated to Magento 2 the system was not able to generate order increment id to create the orders due to which we were unable to place an order from sub-stores and create order invoices and shipments from backend.

To solve this issue we wrote a script to update the Magento 2 database and create new sequence tables for sub-stores, which is a new concept to generate sales order sequence Idin Magento 2.

Author Bio:
Ronak is a serial entrepreneur and who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is having a 8+ Years of expertise and closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2009. Ronak Meghani, the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a full service of eCommerce Development in the USA, UK, and India. He’s enthusiastic about fitness, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and all things marketing.

Why Should You Use Online Calculator to Calculate College GPA?

Wondering how to calculate college GPA fast? Every college and university student should have a good idea of how to calculate his/her GPA for one term and their Cumulative GPA. G.P.A is an abbreviation for grade point average that is a very important metric for measuring students’ performance in colleges, universities, and high schools during a specific period of time. This internationally recognized calculation is used to calculate the average results of all grades achieved by a student for their course.

Calculated GPA is the most important number you should keep an eye on because it is used to determine whether you meet the educational standards and the expectations which were set by your university or by a specific degree program. To have a successful college career, you need to set academic goals that will lead you to success. That’s why you need to have a good understanding of how your success is measured with your college GPA.

To calculate GPA manually, you have to do a number of steps:

  • First, you need to multiply final grades you received in each course by the credit hours.
  • Then, you need to sum up all credit points you have earned in all your courses.
  • Next, you have to divide the total amount of the grade points by the number of credit hours.

As you see, it’s a rather time-consuming task, especially if you take into account that before begin to calculate college GPA, you need to convert letter grades into the right decimal. You should be very attentive because even the smallest mistake may lead to a wrong result.  Besides, you GPA will change during different years of your studies so you should calculate it every semester to have a better idea of your overall performance in all courses and to determine whether you need to take steps to improve.

If you don’t like the idea of manually calculating your GPA for every term, you should take advantage of a good online GPA calculator that will help you calculate your grade point average in just a few minutes. All you have to do is to visit a website and enter the necessary data and the program will do everything else in no time.

During your studies for completing a degree program, you will be asked to provide your GPA for different occasions:

  • When you join a club or organization.
  • When you apply for academic and athletic scholarships.
  • When you apply for a graduate or postgraduate program.
  • When you do extra-curricular activities.

Your college GPA will help organizations, scholarship committees, universities, and clubs understand what kind of student you are. They want ambitious and hard-working students so they would prefer somebody with a high GPA.

That’s why you should keep track of your G.P.A and be ready to react to make some improvements. A good online calculator will help you calculate college GPA from the comfort of your home or on the move and avoid doing time-consuming and boring work on your own.

The Beginners Guide to Making a Wedding Website to Remember

Anyone with a little knowledge of computers or the Internet can create a stunning wedding website. All you need is a few pieces of software, a good web host, and a couple hours to make your everlasting digital commemorative website for your special day. Follow this quick beginner’s guide to create your own wedding website or to make a special online gift for the groom and bride-to-be. Continue reading →