Medical and Online Technology

Technology has its footprints on every functional area of life. It has assimilated in our lives and has become part of our living. It is the driving force of the medical and healthcare field also. The innovative surgical treatments based on extensive research, 3D videos, latest tools and machines are forecasting the future of medical field. Informational Technology has also supported the field as when you have a glance of some decades back it would be easy to conclude how far you are just because of technology.Continue reading →

Important Things To Know Before You Start Trading Forex in 2018

Forex trading requires accurate and comprehensive knowledge of all the data affecting the financial market with a general knowledge of trading technology in light of the technological progress made by the Internet before making any decision that you can make a profit or lose. Therefore, each Bitcoin Code trader should look at the following in order to enrich his knowledge of Forex: Continue reading →

Trade Show Booth Display Design Tips To Increase Engagement

When a company participates in a trade show every single detail is important for the design of the booth. The first time exhibitor usually tends to make various mistakes that automatically limit the engagement that is gained. You go to such an event because you are interested in promoting your brands, products and services. Because of this, you do want to consider the following design tips.

Brand Everything

No matter how large or small the booth is, you want to be sure that branding is on point. Consistency is key for the entire booth. Even the portable trade show displays you might use in other parts of the trade show have to be consistent. Think about different items you are going to have at the event. Be sure everything is branded and when you exhibit anything, the brand’s theme should be consistent across all the design materials, ranging from images and banners to the freebies you are handing out.

Be Clear About What The Company Does

Remember the fact that many of the people that visit your booth know nothing about you. If your company is not renowned around the world, like Microsoft or Google, you want to highlight exactly why people should care. A great idea to do so is to have a large banner that states what you do. This may not seem as being smart in terms of design but it is effective and at such an event you are mostly interested in engagement. At the same time, when you are clear about what the company does you only get people that want to learn more.

Try To Stand Out

Standing out of the crowd is a necessity since many companies will have a booth at the trade show. A great way to do this is to use a bold, strong color. In many cases we see companies opting for white, gray or blue. If most booths are branded in these colors and you stand out by using bright orange, people take notice. Obviously, you need to take branding into account. If you cannot go for a bold color, having people move around and invite people to the booth is a safe option. However, bold design is normally what attracts most interested people.

Stop Being Serious

Industry trade shows are normally boring and repetitive. People see the same things over and over and nothing fun is present. You just have a few seconds to catch the attention of people so why not do all that you can to show that the brand is playful instead of serious. Think about what stands out at trade shows. Is it the booth with one person and a laptop or the one that has an air hockey table right in front? Turning the product into a game is something you want to think about as this is highly engaging for a trade show.

As a final thought, it is a good idea to stop taking yourself so serious because people that come at these events are already ready to talk to you. They are much more likely to engage with the fun brands.

Is Wired Internet Access Always the Best Option?

As wireless technology is pushed more and more actively upon us, some people have started to question its long-term potential due to its current state. And while it’s true that wireless can be a bit unreliable in some situations right now, especially when talking about mobile solutions like 3G and LTE, it’s sometimes the most appropriate option in terms of expenses involved when there is nothing else available in that particular area.

Sometimes, it’s simply logistically unfeasible to run a wired connection to a specific location, and in those cases, it’s good to know what your options are and what type of Internet coverage will work best for your area.


A wired connection is almost always the best option when the location allows for it, and it’s not hard to recognize the benefits. You will often get unlimited data and other great extras that are normally very expensive on most wireless contracts, and speaking of price, wired access tends to be the cheapest option in many cases.

However, it can also tie you down to a specific place if you don’t want to run an additional wireless router, and this is not always ideal when you want to do some work on the go.


A satellite connection has the benefit of working pretty much everywhere in the world, but the benefits more or less end there. Other than its great accessibility, you won’t get too much out of a satellite contract. You’ll have to deal with constant reliability issues, and your speeds won’t be very impressive at all. On top of that, satellite access can be prohibitively expensive in some areas.

But, when you have no other option, this can still work in terms of providing you with a reliable access point that can fulfill the requirements of your daily work.


Mobile access is becoming more and more accessible, and while the coverage is great in most cases, the speeds and prices usually aren’t. You’ll typically be very restricted in what you can do online, and streaming videos every day is pretty much out of the question unless you want to pay hundreds.

Some mobile providers tend to be restrictive in what kind of content you can access on their networks too, so you may find the situation to be very unfavorable if you want to do some regular browsing on a daily basis.

Fixed Wireless

Last but not least, fixed wireless is a great option if you want to combine the flexibility of a wireless connection with the reliability of a wired one. It may not always work depending on where you need it, but if you live in a suitable area covered by a good internet provider, you should find fixed wireless to be the best alternative to other wireless solutions.

Prices tend to be very good on this market too, so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending too much money on your investment, while you’ll be able to enjoy your strong connection for a very long time in the near future. There are some great predictions for the development of fixed wireless services, and it will be interesting to see if they play out.

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Strategies Your Seo Company Should Not Do

Every SEO company has its way of doing things and not every SEO technique is used to obtain healthy search results. But it is important when considering different forms of SEO strategies, you choose a company that isn’t practicing techniques that do not work.

There are hundreds of SEO myths that an SEO company may choose to implement into your website. But it is up to you knows which strategy will bring in results and which ones won’t.

When choosing an SEO company, you must understand what it is you are paying for. One SEO myth that continues to float through the Industry is that website owners should link every page to their main navigation menu. This is highly untrue and it will deem to not be effective when optimizing your website. Linking every page to your navigation menu will do nothing more than confuse your visitor. Of course, linking to pages isn’t a bad idea but expecting high capacity results will leave your website with no targeted traffic.

Another thing you will not want your SEO Company to do when optimizing your website is spamming your website with tons of internal links. Internal links don’t bring in traffic; it’s the external links linking to your website that gain you the most traffic.

A good SEO company will never freshen up old articles on your website. Updates are good of course but it shouldn’t be expected that changing the date or adding a few more lines to old content will bring you search engine happiness.

Redirects aren’t something you will want your SEO company to advise you and your business. Redirecting a domain that has your keyword in it to your real domain isn’t something the search engines praise. Google like website domains like Trends Magazine that contain their particular keyword, so why it’s important to execute this from the beginning.

Link popularity is important and it plays a huge part in your SEO strategies. Your SEO company will understand that linking to popular sites like Google won’t bring you link popularity. Advertising links like Ad words do not count as part of your link collection and will only work against you.

It’s imperative that you do not let your SEO Company target the same exact keywords on every single page of your website. Since there are billions of keywords and keyword phrases, your SEO Company will want to help you expand your options by giving you access to keywords that will get your website ranked better.

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Small Businesses can Adopt Large Corporation Marketing Tactics and Win

When it comes to appealing to the masses, the heavy hitters always seem to win. Juggernaut brands like Walmart, McDonald’s, Google, and the NFL have steep pockets, allowing them to invest a sizeable amount into their marketing efforts than the “little guys”. Using consumer research and elaborate yet witty advertising strategies, major corporations are able to keep their products and services at the top of their target audience’s mind making it appear impossible for smaller companies to keep up.Continue reading →

Learning About Agile Software Development Tools

Agile Software Development Tools

To make the most of agile management processes, you and your team need to be using the best-in-class agile software development tools. The days of static spreadsheets and email communication are long gone.

As you know agile is all about being flexible, responsive, effective, and time-efficient. It’s these exact same qualities that you want in your agile software tools. There should be zero struggle when it comes to your agile software tools – the easier, the simpler, the more dynamic, the smarter – the better.

To choose the right software for your team and organization, you need to have a solid understanding of agile – the terminology, the roles, and the underlying processes. Because every company does agile differently, there is no definitive list to the best agile software tools – instead we want you to know what to look for and why.

Agile: The Language, The Roles, The Process

At first glance, agile can appear overwhelming. There is new terminology to learn, new management and teamwork processes, and new team member roles. The good news, agile is more complicated than it looks.

We’ve put together a list of key definitions that you need to understand when evaluating agile software tools:

  • Backlog. The stories in the queue that need to be completed.
  • Burndown chart. A graphical representation of the remaining work to be done versus the amount of time available to get the work done.
  • Epic. A large story that is broken down into smaller stories.
  • Iteration. The time period in which the team is working on a defined set of stories. Generally, one to four weeks long.
  • Product owner. Works with customers to define wants and needs. Communicates these feature needs to the agile team. This person is the link between the customer and agile team. This person also writes stories, helps to define acceptance criteria, and manages the backlog.
  • Project manager. Responsible for balancing scope, cost, and schedules. This person keeps the team engaged and motivated.
  • Scrum. A popular agile framework, that uses short iterations or sprints. There are three key roles within a scrum: product owner, scrum master, and scrum team.
  • Scrum master. This person is responsible for managing the daily standup meeting and managing progress. The scrum master is key in making sure there are no barriers in stopping teams from getting their work done. The focus for the scrum master is on the team – not the project.
  • Standup. This is the daily meeting used to communicate team progress.
  • Task board. The board or location where the tasks or stories are tracked and monitored. A task board should display who is working on the task, the status of the task, and the work remaining.
  • Technical debt. Used to express the cumulative effects of cutting corners during the development process.

This is not a complete list of terminology and processes but it encapsulates the key knowledge you need when it comes to evaluating and using agile software tools.

Evaluating Agile Software Tools

When reviewing and testing agile software tools, it’s important that you keep-in-mind the bullets listed above. Use these as your guide when evaluating software tool feature lists and capabilities. If you’re not seeing similar terminology, roles, and processes in the software spec sheets and feature lists – move on.

Your agile software tools should be give you:

  • Repository capabilities. This is one of the basic requirements of agile software. You use the repository to track stories and defects. All team members should have access to this repository.
  • Project tracking. Along with being able to track projects, you likely want the option to rank different projects. Having easy visibility into this is key to resource and deliverable planning.
  • Release tracking. Make sure you can track your release schedules and keep these aligned with customer demands. See all the dependencies involved with the release and have the information you need to adjust story priority and iteration focus.
  • Sprint insight. You need to quickly see what is and isn’t happening in your sprints. Make it easy for team members to update the sprint with their progress, barriers, and expectations for each story.
  • Testing support. Acceptance test cases and your quality assurance team are integral to the success of your agile development process. The software you choose should make it easy for QA and the product owner to define acceptance criteria, test cases, and testing progress.
  • Easy integration. If you’re using a communication tool such as Slack or bug-tracking software such as Jira – it’s ideal that such tools can integrate with your agile software tool.

As an extra bonus, we urge you to choose agile software that is easy-to-use, requires minimal training, works with your remote employees, and has top-notch customer support.

Remember, you’ve decided to move to an agile management process because it makes your business processes better, smarter, easier, more flexible, and responsive – you should be getting the same from your agile software development tools.

8 of Today’s Most Innovative Ecommerce Companies

Starting, owning, and running a business is a big part of “The American Dream.” It’s not just the dream of Americans, though; in fact, it’s one the entire world seems to share. Entrepreneurs all over the globe have spent time cultivating their ideas, developing them into a business plan, and offering their services and products to improve the lives of consumers.

If starting a business is a dream you have had, but you’re having a hard time coming up with ecommerce product ideas or struggling to get financing because you’ve made some credit card mistakes in the past, don’t give up just yet. Not all businesses get off to a smooth start, and not all innovation requires reinventing the wheel. Sometimes innovation simply means solving a long-time problem or offering a new, better way of doing things.

These five ecommerce companies were among BigCommerce’s 2017 Innovation Award winners, and it’s not necessarily because they created something nobody has ever seen before. Check it out:

  1. Seriously Silly Socks. Seriously Silly Socks sells… socks, of course! If you haven’t noticed, outstanding and “silly” socks have become quite popular in recent history. It’s a great way for wearers to express themselves and make a statement while maintaining an overall professional appearance (if need be). Seriously Silly Socks offers socks in a variety of colors, fabrics and lengths, as well as offering different brands. You can choose a favorite pair for each day of the week or send a gift box to the sock fanatic in your life.

    They won the innovation award grand prize for offering a build-a-box tool which helped consumers customize the perfect box of socks while reducing pick, packing, and shipping time.

  2. Andie Swim. Andie Swim sells women’s swimsuits made by women in the U.S.A. Their three principles are: focus on the one-piece; create a perfectly curated collection; and make luxury affordable. Rather than offering an overwhelming range of swimsuits for consumers to pick and choose from, hoping it all fits when it arrives, Andie swim offers a simple but chic selection of one-piece swimsuits. They’re all priced the same and include the option to try three suits on at home before making your final decision.

    They won the innovation award for creating an experience that isn’t limited to the product.

  3. Freund Container & Supply. Freund Container & Supply is a B2B company that supplies all kinds of different containers, caps and lids, bottling tools, bags, mailing supplies, hazmat packaging, and more. They know appearance matters when it comes to products, and their packaging solutions are both functional and attractive. On top of that, they don’t have any minimum order requirements and offer “unbeatable customer service.”

    They won the innovation award for enabling and empowering B2B marketing in a way that works seamlessly across all touchpoints.

  4. Sam’s Appliance & Furniture. Sam’s Appliance & Furniture is exactly what it sounds like – an appliance and furniture store that has focused on providing fair prices on quality furniture to the Fort Worth, TX area since 1946. Although a local business, they do have a user-friendly website where customers can browse products, track delivery, and get in touch with their customer service team.

    They won the innovation award for bringing online furniture shopping and buying up-to-date.

  5. Rollie. Rollie is an online retailer that sells attractive, fashionable shoes for men and women. It was founded by Vince Lebon with the purpose of providing a shoe that was light, comfortable, and fashionable so it could be worn in a wide variety of situations. They now have shoes in leading stores around the world, helping people from all walks of life be as comfortable and fashionable as possible.

    They won the innovation award for bringing innovation to the entire brand and customer experience.

  6. Sorority Specialties. Sorority Specialties is run by a by a husband and wife team and has been in business for over 20 years. They sell licensed sorority merchandise, both in their retail store in Las Vegas, NV and online. They have a variety of pieces, including sweatshirts, tank tops, T-shirts, and more for sororities to choose from. Whether sororities need a uniform or want a wearable memento for each new pledge, Sorority Specialties has the perfect item.

    They won the innovation award for using APIs to target Gen Z’s online shopping expectations.

  7. Berlitz. Berlitz offer language courses for adults, kids, businesses, governments, teachers, and exchange students. Their mission is to enable people around the world to achieve their goals in a global environment. They provide the most effective language solutions based on individual needs, with programs that teach English, French, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and many more. Berlitz is a huge asset for anyone wanting (or needing) to learn another language.

    They won the innovation award for integrating APIs across a variety of systems, as well as an enhanced user experience.

  8. Glory Cycles. Glory Cycles sells everything related to biking, from helmets to shoes to gear bags and the bicycles themselves. They carry a number of popular brands, including Shimano, Pinarello, Look, Fizik, Colnago, Giro, and many more, and they allow consumers to customize their bikes and equipment.

    They won the innovation award for providing quality customizations that cater to an expert audience.

You don’t have to create something world-changing to be considered innovative. If your dream is to sell hockey skates, you can do it in an innovative way without designing an entirely new skate or coming up with an entirely new sales model.

What are some of the most interesting innovations you’ve seen in ecommerce?

Becoming an Online Tech Merchant Made Easy

One of the biggest things people buy and sell online is gadgets, especially ones that have been used. Some sell their used gadget to buy upcoming future gadgets. There are a lot of people who makes a living by buying and selling used devices and they don’t lack customers, as there’s always someone on the Internet looking for something to buy or for someone to sell to. Selling things online is big business nowadays and working as an online merchant has lots of advantages. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Know Where to Look

If you have capital and are itching to get started, the first thing you need to do is to find a supplier or people selling items. When making a list of cool gadgets to buy, take note of all the places you have looked and what you have found there, so you’ll know where to find a seller. It could either be on Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. And once you know where to look, you should keep tabs on what’s on sale and who’s selling it.

Know What the Prices Are

When buying a music gadget, for example, with an objective to sell it, you don’t just immediately increase the price to make profit. Scan around the Internet for the highest and lowest prices of specific gadgets and remember them. The trick to making profit here is to buy the gadget at its lowest price and sell it at the highest price on the market. For example, several people are selling used Samsung Galaxy S8s, with varying prices. Find the lowest price and buy it, then look how much the highest price is and sell the item for a price slightly lower than the highest price, but higher than the lowest price. Of course it won’t do to sell items that are a few pounds apart. Find items that have a fairly good margin between the highest and lowest prices.

Check the Merchandise

Whenever buying things online, be sure to always check the item’s quality and any defects. Ask the vendor if there’s any known defects if the item being sold has been used. Be sure to buy items that are working perfectly and don’t have any visible damage as these might make you lose money or the device unsellable. If a supplier gives you a defective/damaged device, arrange a meeting and return it immediately. If it’s a vendor who is selling you the damaged item, cancel the deal immediately. You don’t want damaged goods.

Finally, it is important to note that you’re not limited to just gadgets you find online. You can even sell on behalf of someone else and just accept a commission payment. It is ultimately your decision how much you’ll profit from a transaction.