Choosing The Right Ecommerce Solutions Partners


In the event that you’re prepared to raise your online profile and begin creating wage from e-commerce, you are going to need more than simply a basic shopping truck and a couple of catches to make an accomplishment of your wander. Assuming that you’re genuine about online business, then you must be not kidding when picking your e-commerce results accomplice. So how would you begin searching for the right one?Continue reading →

6 Advantages Of E-Commerce


Electronic commerce or e-commerce has enabled redefine trade and way of doing business. The first major change in the business process was due to the appearance of the coin, thanks to which it went from primitive to traditional exchange trade. Centuries later, with the cheaper transport, had the traditional model of global trade. That is, the same type of transaction, but larger area of action. In recent years, we have experienced a revolution in trade due to the advent of electronic payment, and recently the introduction of information technologies and communication. Visit to know more.

Here are the main advantages that now account for e-commerce:

1. Relocation of Point of Sale

Because the process of buying and selling is done on the Internet, each party may be in a different time and different place. That means stores open 24/7 and convenience for the buyer and seller. Disappear physical stores in favor of online stores, and even from traditional outlets web traffic takes walkways, a phenomenon known as show rooming.


2. Flexibility in Payment Methods

Internet can unite all payment methods available, providing both electronic and traditional. Possibility of cash-as-payment on delivery, but especially with bank card credit, debit card or bank transfer or through new-born internet intermediaries like PayPal or even bitcoin media.

3. Creating New Business Connections

The e-commerce democratizes trade agreement. Thereby, relations C2C (Consumer to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) and even C2B (Consumer to Business) where an individual can sell a business, as the customer-supplier role is diluted to operate both under the same transactional context, with little barriers to entry.

4. Increase Product Range

Through a single point, the screen, you have access to an almost infinite range of suppliers, and thus the widest range of products possible. This allows comparing and contrasting options in real time, and choosing the one that best suits the specific needs.

5. Access to a Global Market

Cheaper transport and globalization and made possible the intercontinental trade. Now the e-commerce has made tremendously easy contact between buyers and sellers, breaking boundaries and making a single click a truly global market.

6. Reduced Costs and Final Price

For the seller, it has improved the profitability of logistics distribution routes or reducing intermediaries between others, allowing lower costs. Added to this is greater competition, which favors the buyer benefits from a lower final price.

In short all the advantages mentioned above point to the same direction efficiency. It seems that we live in times of economic situation, which can pose a threat, or conversely see how it provides a unique opportunity to rethink how we do things, and re-perform them more efficiently. In this sense, e-commerce may be the key to revive a traditional business or start a new project, maximizing the opportunities that the digital age offers.

5 Things to Think about When Planning a New eCommerce Website

About When Planning A New ECommerce Website

The most important requirement of any eCommerce website is an accessible, easy-to-use payment platform. If you’re customers find that they have to take 5 minutes to make a payment on your website, you have a serious problem with your design. Likewise, if they can’t easily identify a ‘Buy Now’ button or a link directing them to the payment section, how likely is it that they will continue using your website in the future? Your strategy is to provide a user-oriented experience.Continue reading →

Evergreen or Topical? What Type of Blog Content Best Helps Your Business?

If you are in the process of creating a website for your business, you may be more interested in the aspects of how to build a blog and get some initial readers than in your long term content strategy. However deciding on the type of things you are going to be posting and how regularly is quite key at this time. The first few posts you write will set the tone for your entire blog, and how regularly you add new material will also give any early readers an expectation of how often they should expect new content from you.Continue reading →

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Launching a website is a fairly simple task these days. You decide what you want to put on it, hire a local company offering web design in Cheltenham, get a site up and running, post some content to it and let your designers handle the SEO too, assuming they’re a full-service company. After that, it’s just a matter of letting the sales roll in, right?

What Makes a Great Landing Page

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Maybe, but maybe not. If you’re selling something, then you need a well-optimised landing page, and this is something that a lot of webmasters struggle with. Figuring out what converts well is not easy, because it varies from niche to niche.

Optimising For Sales

The most basic elements of a good landing page are, in general, fast loading times, clear lists of features and benefits, and obvious, compelling calls to action. These are all (with the exception of loading times) fairly subjective things that a lot of people struggle to get right

Companies such as can help you with the design elements. Most professionals know what makes a good, clean template and they can put the right technical elements in place to ensure that the page looks good and loads quickly. The content, however, is down to you. Can you sell your product convincingly using images and words alone?

Take a look at your landing page. If you don’t have any analytics tracking code installed yet, do so now. You can use that code to see how many people are coming to your page, what they look at and how long they stay.

Quick Fixes for Good Conversions

Try to have a page with a short and simple title, and some good meta-descriptions. Include your phone number in your meta-description so that ‘click to call’ works on most search engine results pages. If your product or service warrants it, offer a video that sells it clearly. Some people prefer watching videos to reading reams of text. Additionally, show off any affiliations, certifications, seals and memberships that you have earned. They will add credibility to your website.

Test your landing page performance periodically and experiment with small tweaks. A/B testing is well worth the time investment, because it may well show you that a new design is better than what you already have. Don’t get comfortable or complacent – your competitors will always be looking to improve!

The Importance of Leanness for Financial Advisers

From simple tools and practices to complete and comprehensive back office systems for IFAs, there are many tools and opportunities that financial advice specialists can use to implement lean processes and boost efficiency in their business. While leanness has some very fundamental and sizable benefits for most businesses, it is especially beneficial for financial advisers.


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There are a number of reasons behind this and several areas in which encouraging leanness and efficiency is especially beneficial for financial advisers. Here is a look at a few of them.

Better Regulatory Compliance

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are subject to large amounts of strict regulation; this is a necessity when they make their living from helping other people handle their money. Fines for failure to comply with all of these regulations can be large, but it can also be difficult for all advisers in a given firm to remain compliant. There is less room for making mistakes when the processes they have to follow are leaner and simpler and there are fewer manual steps involved. This also means there are fewer distractions from making sure that complex rules are followed.

More Speed and Less Wastage

This is the essence of leanness in any organisation, but its importance cannot really be understated because it is a vital, fundamental principle that underpins many business’ efforts to maximise success. More speed and efficiency with less waste of time, effort and resources means that more business can be handled in the same amount of time by the same team. Often, the best way to boost efficiency and speed up processes is through the implementation of specialist IT solutions such as those offered by

Better Customer Experience

Lean, efficient processes don’t just provide internal benefits for a business; they also have external benefits for that business’ customers. When processes are as fast and simple as possible, it translates into a better, faster and smoother experience for clients. This is always going to be helpful in attracting potential customers but is especially important in services such as financial advice where customers’ important personal affairs are involved. Providing them with a smooth, fast, efficient, and well-developed experience is a great way to boost their confidence in you as a reliable, professional business that can be trusted to handle their financial affairs. This is one of the most vital principles behind adviser-client relationships.

Top five qualities of a software tester

Software flaws can be damaging and costly to repair. Even the most experienced developers make mistakes and there is always the possibility of bugs, security issues and other vulnerabilities. Software testing services will check for defects and errors and ensure that the product is functioning effectively before it is released.

Top five qualities of a software tester

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Working in the technology sector can be rewarding and varied, with high-end salaries, personal development opportunities and great job prospects available to the best candidates.

As technology and app development continues to evolve, there is an increasing demand for good software testers. How do you determine whether a career in software testing is for you? Here we take a look at five key attributes that are essential if you are to become a successful software tester.

Good communication skills

A good software tester must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Reports and other documents created by the software tester will need to be easy to read and understand. Communicating with clients and software developers will require people skills, including tact and diplomacy.

Analytical skills

A sharp analytical mind will help you to gather and analyse information, solve problems and make decisions.

Attention to detail

The ability to focus on the fine detail is a crucial skill. Being able to do this without losing sight of the bigger picture is a rare talent and one that will help you to succeed.

Technical background

The demand for software testers with a solid technical background is higher than ever, and those with scripting and programming experience will have the upper hand. It is common for software testers to hold a computer science degree and certification in software testing.

Willingness to learn

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, you will need to be ready to adapt and keep up with the latest technology trends.

No matter how technologically advanced we become, there will always be a demand for software testing services. While software testing can be outsourced to companies such as, many organisations employ in-house specialists.

More and more companies are starting to recognise that they can actually reduce costs if a program is thoroughly tested before release, which means there are plenty of opportunities for experienced software testers or talented individuals looking to enter the profession.

Raising Your Game with Digital Marketing

No business can ignore the impact of digital marketing in today’s increasingly connected age. Before you consider engaging professional support for web design in London, here is a look at some of the opportunities that SMEs should be investigating if they want to retain their competitive advantage.

Raising Your Game with Digital Marketing

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Social Media

Everyone knows about social media – or do they? Many business owners are simply not yet up to speed with the marketing opportunities that await on these social platforms. Whether you decide to have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or another platform, you must have a social marketing strategy that forms part of your broader marketing strategy.

The reality is that the majority of your customers will already be using at least one social media channel, and your competitors will be out there engaging with them. This means that you need to consider your own position and get educated about the digital world and the opportunities that it offers you. Many of today’s digital platforms are far cheaper to use than traditional print and other forms of marketing, and the benefits of targeted online advertising can be huge, offering far greater audience segmentation and analysis than ever before to help you refine your campaigns.


Increasingly, users are engaging with apps – smartphone applications that allow businesses to deliver specific functions or smartphone-enabled content. Apps needn’t be expensive to develop, but they do require a specialist developer. You can find a range of these skills and more by taking advantage of London web design by VizionOnline or an agency in your vicinity that specialises in digital marketing.


As an absolute essential, every business needs a website. This can be a brochure site or a more complex site that allows direct sales and customer self-service and which integrates with your business CRM and other systems. You’ll need to engage the services of a developer and designer to get started – you’ll find plenty of agencies that specialist in web design and can offer entire teams.

The Next Step

Before you consider your next digital step, consider using the services of a specialist agency. This will give you access to the skills that you need for a successful build and ensure you attain your goals whilst sticking to your budget.

Is SEO dead?

If you are considering an online business, you have probably given a lot of thought to what your website should look like. No doubt you have thought about your branding and content, and perhaps you have chewed over the layout a little. More than likely you have also thought at least a little about search engine optimisation (SEO) and perhaps you have even consulted a London web design house; however, understanding what is acceptable and what is not is where things can get a little complex.Continue reading →